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Is Mobile Device Ordering for me?

DEAR ALOHA DAVE: I’m starting to see mobile devices for tableside ordering at a few restaurants in my neighborhood. It’s a big change from how we currently operate and I’m wondering if this will work for my restaurant? —– Pondering in Pennsport.

DEAR Pondering: Mobile Ordering is a reality at many restaurants in the region. My team at Advanced Hospitality Systems has installed several sites with mobile ordering solutions. In addition to Tableside ordering at full service restaurants, we have also deployed self-order kiosk stations and line busting tablets for Quick Service restaurants. Mobile ordering devices can improve table turn, raise transactions per hour and increase the average check.

Keep in mind that mobile ordering is only as good as your server. The server must have the ability to make eye contact with the customer when entering the order to ensure the high degree of personalized service your customers expect. Smaller menus are more conducive to tablet ordering than larger menus with many modifiers and choices.

Mobile Ordering is also dependent on the stability and band-with of your Wi-Fi. In my travels around the city I’ve come across “other” POS Systems that are all Tablet Based and when the Wi-Fi goes down, it brings the entire operation down with it. Many have a temporary offline mode but it’s still very ugly. We have replaced many of these POS systems. At NCR Aloha and AHS we feel the best solution for Mobile Ordering is a combination of traditional hard-wired terminals mixed in with tablets. With this configuration, your traditional POS terminals will continue to function so your restaurant can function normally if the Wi-Fi goes down.

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