Consumers say that an appealing restaurant rewards program could increase their visit rate by 35 percent. What are you doing to engage your customers and bring in business?

Understanding how to generate more revenue and keep your customers returning is essential in your restaurant’s success. NCR’s restaurant consumer engagement solutions offer a variety of ways to capture your guests’ attention and connect with them like never before. Stand out from the crowd and offer your guests an exceptional experience so you can keep them coming back for more.


Gift cards are a cost-effective way to drive revenue growth and increase store traffic. In addition, a great customer loyalty solution will attract new, repeat customers and help you maintain a competitive edge in today’s crowded restaurant marketplace. Aloha Stored Value is an industry-leading gift card distribution and management solution tightly integrated with Aloha POS. Easily implemented, our gift and stored value card programs can be managed effectively across various locations, while gathering important sale and profitability reports.

Repeat customers are more valuable and easier to attract than new ones. Successful operators are turning to frequency and loyalty programs to deliver targeted rewards and incentives that stimulate repeat business and increase store traffic. The Aloha Loyalty solution enables your organization to quickly design, rollout and manage effective loyalty programs to engage your customers.  Loyalty programs will not only attract new customers, but also turn your existing customer base into “ideal customers” who have the purchasing habits that will drive topline growth for your restaurant.

Customers have an opinion, whether you ask them about it or not. By providing an outlet for your customers to use their voices immediately after their meal, you can capture their feedback directly instead of waiting to see a review pop up online. That’s where we come in with our customer voice application.

Your customers are busy people, just like you. NCR’s mobile and online ordering solution makes it simple to get the food they love without the wait. Wouldn’t you like to offer those customers the option to have their own personal POS in their pocket, so they can easily place their order anywhere, at anytime?

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With integration to Aloha POS, Mobile Pay allows your customers to review their guest check, add additional items, take short surveys and securely pay their guest check directly from their mobile phones. Mobile Pay is what consumers are looking for, having it available can turn them into customers.