How Kitchen Display Systems Improve Efficiency

Managing a kitchen line is crucial for restauranteurs. Every order sent to the kitchen includes items with different prep and cook times. Making sure that all items come out at the same time is important towards delivering your customers a quality dining experience.

Restaurant operators are always looking to utilize technology in order to make their business run better. Kitchen Display Systems have become a great tool to manage your operation. Replacing remote printers with Kitchen Display Systems lowers ticket times, improves communication, and eliminates waste.

Here are some of the Benefits of using a KDS……

Lower Ticket Times: Running a kitchen, at peak time with a speed rail full of printed tickets, all with different prep times is arguably the toughest job in a restaurant. The enhanced communicability of a kitchen display system eliminates the endless line of tickets. Working items, rather than working entire tickets have shown a 7-10% decrease in ticket times after installation.

Increasing Communication: Kitchen display systems, like Aloha Kitchen Video, use intuitive software that coordinates all items on a ticket to be finished and sent at the same time. Physically displaying a flow of tickets on a visible, accessible screen turns the kitchen into a more communicable work space. No more brushing through endless chits, printers constantly churning, or yelling from your chefs.

Eliminate Waste: Continuing to use printers and paper can lead to more kitchen mistakes and dishes sent back to the kitchen. Wasted items can lead to an increased annual food cost. Kitchen display systems can decrease mistakes and lower your overall food costs. One Aloha Kitchen Video user found that they saved 3% over a 12 month period. Eliminating waste also includes decreasing a business’ carbon footprint. The average restaurant emits 100,00 pounds of garbage a year. Cutting paper usage and food waste makes your business more eco-friendly!

More restaurants are opting for kitchen display systems because of how they positively change the kitchen. Organizing the flow of orders into your kitchen can bring down ticket times. Eliminating noise and visualizing ticket orders increases communicability. Ditching paper and ensuring less order errors makes a restaurant a leader in eliminating its waste. Overall, kitchen display systems like Aloha Kitchen Video will simplify your kitchen and decrease costs.


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