How Restaurant Trends Are Changing In 2019

By January 23, 2019Restaurant Industry

The hospitality space is extremely dynamic. This fluid change can seem simultaneously refreshing and overwhelming. Restaurant design and style reflect how businesses plan to keep the ambience as unique as the new delicacies they dish out.

Conscientious restaurant owners want to ensure that the environment and features in their restaurants encourage guests to return. It’s not just about serving great food but assuring that all their wonderful dishes are served in equally marvelous settings.

This Year’s Trends

Let’s take a look at 2019’s most notable restaurant trends:

  • Eclectic Designs- The focus is on attracting customer attention with eclecticism more than subtlety. Restaurant interiors are now filled with bright and bold, eye catching colors. Along with plastered phrases and sayings, wall art and accent pieces are hung to engage with customers and impose the restaurant’s character.
  • Minimalism is In- In stark comparison with eclecticism, minimalism has also become prevalent. Minimalism surfaced in 2018 and has continued to grow. Scandinavian and Japanese Zen-like designs concepts are now in vogue. This small-scale theme is created to accompany the food being served to the restaurant’s targeted clientele.
  • The Social Media Effect- Not every restauranteur will revamp their business’ interior accoring to modern trends, but social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are continuing to affect restaurant aesthetics. Customers are more likely to share their experience more now than ever.

This is why restaurants are now becoming attuned to the impact that influencers have on their business. There is a huge difference between actually eating the food and experiencing the meal. Strategically placing the restaurant name, theme, and design is important towards affecting the customer’s experience.

  • Fast Casual Dining- Referred to as fine dining (?), this trend focuses on providing excellent food made with the fresh ingredients and produce. Modern day customers prefer well-prepared dishes over four-course meals. Fast Casual relies less on excessive staffing and more on offering quality food at competitive prices.

Restaurants have grown accustom to creating their environment and having the customer abide to its design. Today’s trends are more consumer-driven and restauranteurs are constantly trying to meet their customers’ expectations. Better technology is necessary to help businesses remain efficient, retain customers, and bring in new ones.

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