Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make With Employee Hire And Management

By January 25, 2019Restaurant Industry

Restaurant owners are extremely versatile individuals. They have to play multiple roles from host to bartender chef, marketing director, personnel manager and recruiter. Sick employees, nosy investors, or a heavy lunch rush can completely alter an owner’s day-to-day activities.

Every restaurant needs employees that are eager to step up when needed. They depend on staff that are proud of their work ethic. That’s why it is important for restaurant owners to have good hiring and managing practices. The hospitality industry is extremely demanding, sometimes resulting in hiring and management taking a backseat.

Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes restaurateurs make when hiring new staff. Recognizing how these errors impact your business can help you make the changes required to avoid the effects of poor recruitment methodologies.

1. Poorly Defined Positions

Business owners are aware when they need new staff on board. Sometimes they are unable to identify each position’s tasks. It is important to label a job’s specifics and objectives before publicly posting it. Whether you are hiring via recruitment platforms or via word of mouth, a detailed and accurate job description is incredibly important.

2. Don’t Glamorize the Job 

While jobs in the restaurant industry can be quite rewarding, hardly any of them are glamorous. Your staff is more like to feel fulfilled when you are transparent about their position. For example, if there are specific physical requirements or extended work hours, it’s something you need to be honest about.

It is important to not mislead a candidate; furthermore, you have to discuss their doubts and how the job will lead to growth. A job is more rewarding when an employee feels that it will lead to professional growth.

3. Offering Below-Market Pay

Servers may depend on tips for their pay but restaurant employees are dependent on a salary. Offering an at or above market rate will bring in better candidates and a competitive hiring process.

Candidates will be less inclined to work for you if your offered pay scale falls below the market rate. A new hire may accept an offer but will be at risk to leave for an equal opportunity with better pay.

Other mistakes to avoid include:

  • Being proactive with internal promotions
  • Properly onboarding new hires
  • Appropriately delegating work
  • Offering flexible schedules to your employees

Focus on Employee Retention

Keep these mistakes in view and learn to avoid them. Appreciate your staff and show that you genuinely care for them. Increasing your engagement and checking in on your staff’s happiness will lead to a lower turnover rate. Higher retention rates also result in improved productivity levels and increased profitability.

Caring about your team helps you foster a staff who care about the customers, too. Running a restaurant business is not easy. It is equally important to avoid mistakes as it is to have smooth operations. A happier staff and low turnover can lead to increased profits and decreased costs.

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