NCR Mobile Pay: Increasing Efficiency and Transactional Security at Your Restaurant

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Restaurant customers increasingly turn directly to apps such as Yelp, MenuPages, TripAdvisor, and others to learn about and report on dining experiences, or to reserve tables and order in. Yet many, if not most, restaurants still rely on time-consuming, server-reliant, traditional methods of payment that greatly increase the risk of fraud through person-to-person exchange of information such as credit or debit card numbers. We ask: why shouldn’t an app designed to limit these risks and increase guest satisfaction make an appearance right at the table?

National Cash Register (NCR) has recently released Mobile Pay, an app offered by Advanced Hospitality Systems to clients who are seeking a secure, efficient alternative to traditional payment and ordering methods.

How it Works

With NCR Mobile Pay, customers at your restaurant can download the Mobile Pay app, which seamlessly integrates with your NCR Aloha point-of-sale (POS) system as well as loyalty, gift card, and customer feedback programs. Right at their table, guests can perform many of the actions that traditionally require flagging down their server – meaning much of the stress of dining-in during busy shifts can be alleviated for both staff and clientele.


NCR Mobile Pay includes a variety of features designed to maximize customer satisfaction both during and after their dining experience. These include:

  • “Order Another” – the ability to select and order an item that has already been purchased during a meal; the Mobile Pay system automatically sends the request to a POS system for server confirmation.
  • Alert Server – By simply hitting a button on the app, a message will be sent to the POS system in order to elicit a quick response without bothersome, manual flagging-down of a server.
  • Email receipt – Regardless of payment form, Mobile Pay customers will automatically receive an electronic copy of their receipt upon check processing and payment.
  • Specials options – Restaurants can add up to five menu items that can be ordered directly from a phone equipped with this app.
  • Item Feedback – Each individual item can be marked with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, in order to help a restaurant keep track of customer what items guests routinely like or dislike.
  • Mobile Payment – At the end of a meal, customers can opt to pay using stored debit or credit cards, gift cards, or PayPal – all securely, from their own device.
  • Social sharing – A popular activity amongst restaurant-goers can spell out free advertisements for restaurants; Mobile Pay makes it easy for customers to share positive feedback after their transaction is complete.


Mobile Pay is far from a completely automated system; rather, guests are able to enjoy all the benefits of interacting with a server – asking for item recommendations or ingredient clarifications, and providing necessary feedback – while avoiding the hassle of tracking down their server during a busy shift. Servers can also enjoy the benefits of faster table turnovers and overall increased satisfaction of their clients.

The Mobile Pay system also allows for completely secure payment with a lessened chance of fraud; transactions that avoid the transferal of credit or debit card across multiple parties carries a much greater chance of incurring fraud or identity theft than a secure payment on a customer’s own phone.

Is NCR’s Mobile Pay the point-of-sale system your New Jersey restaurant has been searching for? Call Advanced Hospitality to learn more about this and other solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

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