5 Latest Restaurant Trends for 2018

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5 Latest Restaurant Trends

When it comes to the hospitality industry, establishments need to change their approach,
business tactics and continuously evolve, in order to attract a steady flow of clientele. This
is also why you will find there is a constant change in restaurant trends. Here we take a
look at 5 of the latest ones:

1. Takeout & Delivery (Ghost Restaurants)

Restaurants have to maintain a steady relationship with customers and also have to focus
on their preferences. Today, a large number of customers are choosing to order out or opt
for takeout rather than eat at a dine-in restaurant. Except for fine dining establishments, all
other levels of restaurants are transitioning very quickly to cater to this preference.
Restaurant owners have to incorporate drive-through, takeout, curb pick up and other
various means to meet customer demands. Delivery systems are now integrated into a
single POS system. NCR Aloha is ahead of the technological curve
when it comes to providing POS systems to restaurants across New Jersey, Delaware, and

2. Recycling & Sustainability

Millennials are now a part of the modern market and are extremely environmentally
conscious. For example: the restaurants that help conserve energy or water & also re-use
food waste are rewarded for their commitment to recycling and sustainability. Re-using
and reducing food waste helps control raw material expenses. When you conserve energy
and water, it helps reduce your operating and utility costs. NCR Aloha POS Terminals have a
fanless design that runs cool and quiet, reducing the amount of heat generated and power consumed.

3. Catch Overflows with the Use of Technology

Restaurants tend to lose additional business when all their tables are full, and new
customers arrive. The best way to get these customers to come back is by using an efficient
POS system with text-based notifications. This will prove to be an effective way to catch
customers who would have otherwise left. By sending a text when a table is ready, rather
than causing a rush at the reception area, the customers will be on time which will help
keep the reception area clear.

4. Hosting Experimental Events

Today, customers want more than just food, they want to experience something new and
innovative. That is the reason why food halls grew by an astonishing 700% in 2017 alone.
This could mean dining at an unusual location or enjoying live music while they dine.
Customers are willing to pay a fixed premium for food plus experience.

5. Optimize Table Turnover

Studies indicate that when restaurants aim for a table turnover of below 40-minutes, it
potentially increases their overall revenue as well as tips earned. Data indicates that the
average meal costs tend to plateau within 30-40 minutes. Focusing on optimizing your
table turnover can increase your revenue significantly.
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