Guest & Table Management Systems for Restaurants & Bars

Table management is critical for restaurants to maintain efficiency and profitability, especially during peak business hours. Integrate guest management with POS systems to reserve tables, stay up to date on table statuses and ensure a superb customer experience. Real-time statistics allows managers to pay attention to tables exceeding target times, and ensure dirty tables are bused quickly and readied for the next customer.

Guest management systems integrate with customer loyalty programs by keeping track of special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.


  • Manages reservations, walk-ins and call-ahead parties in a single, consolidated list
  • Enables remote updating of table status so a host knows immediately when a table is available
  • Automates server rotations to ensure a fair and consistent seating load across servers
  • Captures valuable guest information, including contact info, guest preferences and visit history


  • Eliminates third party paging systems and connects with guests using text and voice messaging
  • Reduces walk-aways and frustrated guests with intelligent and accurate wait time quotes
  • Tracks your guests’ special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Provides alerts when guests are waiting longer than their quoted time


  • Increases seat utilization with intelligent seating suggestions and real-time operational statistics
  • Allows for identifying dirty tables quickly and initiating bus requests
  • Enables staff to target tables that will open at similar times in order to join for large parties
  • Alerts managers to tables that are exceeding target times during the check process

Advanced Guest Management

Table & guest management systems