Mobile Point of Sale is the Future

Tableside Ordering

Aloha users are passionate about the ease-of-use, redundancy and flexibility built into their Aloha systems.  Now we are giving you the capability to extend the value-added features of Aloha to a device held in the palm of your hand. Available today, you can choose what hardware devices you want to use to deploy mobile ordering and payment technology.

Choose your Device

  • NCR Aloha Mobile runs on purpose-built NCR Orderman hardware, iOS devices and Windows Tablets to give you the freedom to choose which device fits the needs of your operation

Server Efficiency

  • Feature-rich software enables efficient split checks, modifiers, pivot seating, among others and gives servers freedom to increase their service and spend more time with customers

Turn Tables Faster

  • Putting mobile devices in staff’s hands increases productivity, resulting in more table turns

Faster Food Service

  • Orders are sent directly from the table to the kitchen, expediting the time for food to arrive