Restaurant Food Delivery POS Software


With our takeout functionality and food delivery systems, your order entry, order management, production and food delivery is consolidated into one package. Drive sales, staff efficiency and increased revenue by:

  • Associating loyalty and payment information with the checks for customers to have the satisfaction of earning rewards with their purchases
  • Identifying your customers and entering orders as fast possible with our powerful integrated caller ID, customer search, secure payment storage, loyalty integration and the ability to repeat previous orders
  • Protecting future orders from getting lost with automated scheduling
  • Enabling your customers to place orders online with orders routing automatically to the local prep area of the restaurant


Adding delivery functionality to your solution is also another way to increase your revenue and provide a special service for your customers. Benefits include:

  • Fast delivery of food with integrated mapping tools that generate accurate, multi-stop routes
  • Removing the guesswork from planning driver routes by providing turn-by-turn directions and grocery items for each delivery run
  • Enhancing driver performance with the ability to assign orders to drivers with one touch of a button in the application