Why Choose NCR Aloha?

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At Advanced Hospitality Systems, we’re proud to partner with NCR Aloha to help supply area restaurants with some of the most innovative, cutting-edge POS software and hardware available on the market. But what separates NCR from its competitors?

Total Unified Solution. NCR products are designed to cover a wide array of restaurant needs, from safeguarding assets through video security and employee theft monitoring, to providing fast, convenient check-outs with mobile, tableside ordering solutions. Software from each application can be fully integrated with other aspects of a restaurant’s management system, making NCR Aloha a one-stop-shop for all operating tools.

Versatility. As your business grows, NCR will grow with you. All of our products, including our popular Aloha POS software, are customizable to suit the unique needs of the vastly different restaurants and stores we service. Whether a small fast-casual restaurant or a large fine dining establishment, NCR Aloha can be used on fixed terminals, handheld devices and mobile devices alike – whatever best suits a space or situation.

Ease of Use. Aloha POS software has the highest market share in the industry, meaning more bartenders, servers and cashiers know Aloha than any other POS platform out there. This increases business’ chances of hiring servers who are already familiar with the POS technology they’ll be using throughout their day, cutting down on training time and slowed operations that result from learning-curve mistakes.

Protection. NCR products can protect your business, operations and assets on multiple levels. To start, NCR Aloha POS software operates both on-premises and in the cloud, meaning that patchy internet service need not lead to service interruptions or delays in order processing – your POS can use its stored memory to keep operations running smoothly while connectivity issues are resolved. NCR Aloha’s advanced Employee Theft Detection technology also helps managers and owners easily detect employee theft through careful tracking of employee transactions that alert managers to issues in real time. Fraud can be identified and mitigated before it can become a larger problem.

Want to learn more about the many benefits to using NCR Aloha point-of-sale software for your Lehigh Valley, PA business? View our featured products page to learn more about the variety of ways NCR can improve your bottom line through increased efficiency, safety and ease of operations.


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