Why the POS System your bank offers isn’t “FREE”…

Congratulations! You’re opening a restaurant. You’ve selected a nice mahogany bar, wood flooring to match, and chosen a name for your new venture.

Now it’s time to go to the bank and talk about financing. Your go-to banker is there and they’re ready to help you out. During your conversation the banker brings up what sounds like a great offer: a “FREE POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEM” Sounds great! Or does it…

New restauranteurs often make the mistake of taking their banks “FREE POS SYSTEM” because they are trying to save money. The inexpensive “FREE” POS SYSTEMS are never free & could potentially hold your business back.

Banks offer their credit card processing services to restaurant and retail customers. Making the FREE POS they offered you….NOT FREE! It’s tied to their credit card processor so you’ll end up paying more for a product that does the bare minimum.

These “FREE POS”  systems almost never meet an owner’s expectations or needs. Yes, some businesses do benefit from a POS that performs the very basics. However, “FREE POS” can’t perform simple tasks like splitting items for checks, have limited reporting capabilities, and rarely have local customer service.  

The “FREE POS” from your bank, unless you’re a small scale coffee shop, will have trouble meeting your business’ needs. Limited loyalty & gift card programs, along with programming difficulties, will waste time and money.

What are the best Point-Of-Sale solutions for a restaurant instead of your bank’s POS? Here’s our choice for businesses looking for an affordable POS choice with high capabilities: NCR Silver Pro


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